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juli 26, 2019

Amazing customer gets our logo tattooed

We have had the pleasure to interview Katrin and Stefan. They are a German couple and Birth Poster fans! Recently, Stefan got a tattoo of our Birth Poster logo. Read the interview to find out about what meaning our logo brings to this awesome family.

What are your names, and where in Germany are you from?

Katrin: Our names are Stefan and Katrin, and our son’s name is Finn. We live in Berlin in a beautiful old apartment.

Stefan: I am originally from the south of Germany but moved to Berlin because of my love.

What inspired you to get the tattoo?

Stefan: My right arm was already tattooed with symbols for us as a couple, our common history, as well as symbols for our son. I was still looking for a sign that symbolizes all three of us together, as a family. Katrin then found your site on Instagram and I was instantly excited, especially since we both saw the same meaning in your logo

Katrin: Your logo symbolizes our family in several ways. On the one hand, the two big “kissing” circles, us as parents, but also the small circle that represents our son. The fact that we got our son Finn, after having cancer was not natural for us. We had actually given up hope for getting a child of our own. But briefly after I had chosen a wedding dress and had it custom tailored, we have learned that I was pregnant. He is our cherry on the cream cake, so it fits well that the small circle in your logo is positioned like the cherry at the top of the picture.

How long did it take to get the tattoo done? Did it hurt?
Stefan: The tattooing may have taken 45 minutes. Because of the place on the inside of the upper arm it hurt quite a bit. It’s the tattoo on the whole arm that hurt the most, but it was worth it. It is my absolute favorite tattoo, because it is simple, clear and still has a great meaning.

How did you guys meet? Could you tell me a bit about your love story?

Katrin: We are both social workers and met in a crisis institution for homeless addicts with additional acute crises. Being surrounded by all the crises, one gets to know each other very well; and love in our case. Stefan had adjusted his duty schedule without me noticing it so that we would “coincidentally” always work at the same time… In the beginning, we kept our love secret, but later it became pretty clear that it was true love for us. And today we are married and have one four-year-old son.

Stefan: It was a coincidence 🙂 I had already been working there. Katrin came around the corner on her first day and I knew that I wanted this woman. There was also no long introductory phase. We knew after the first private meeting, outside of work, that we had hit the jackpot.

How did you first encounter our brand, The Birth Poster?

Katrin: We were looking for individual images for our apartment. We like images that say something about us and create memories. And then we came across Instagram. We immediately liked the clear design.

Do you have any of our Birth Posters?

Katrin: Of course!! We have your Birth Poster hanging in our living room and are still busy explaining to our son that he actually was that tall when he was a baby (57cm) and still managed to fit in Mama’s stomach!

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