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mars 25, 2019

INSPIRATION WEEK with @tanianoegaard

With spring just around the corner, are you in the mood for some redecorating and refurnishing? We sure are! That’s why we’ve teamed up with some mom-influencers to get all the inspiration we need to get started. This week we talk to Tania Noergaard from Denmark, who is a mom of two and has invited us to the room of her three-year-old son in her newly built house in Eastern Jutland. Take a look and read about Tania’s tips on how to create a stylish and kid-friendly room that both the parents and the kid will enjoy.

Hello Tania, how are you feeling today?

I am feeling great (if you ignore the lack of sleep during the night). I’m enjoying my maternity leave with our youngest child, a baby girl, 7 months old.

Where do you live?

We live in a 201 square foot villa in Skanderborg, Eastern Jutland, Denmark. We have designed and build the house ourselves and every little detail has been thoroughly thought through during the process. We could not be happier with our new home, in which we have been living in for 8 months already!

What is your biggest inspiration when it comes to home interior?

My very biggest inspiration must be Instagram. Here I find a ‘live’ inspiration board from real homes, designed by cool, creative women from around the world. I take screens of interior ideas on a daily basis, and never get tired of this inspiration source.

My second favorite must be Pinterest with an overload of beautiful (and sometimes unobtainable) interior and homes.

What’s your favorite store to buy children’s room furnishings and decorations?

I must admit that I just love IKEA. Even though the little things in my kids’ rooms are from smaller brands and designers, the main furnishing is from IKEA. They just know how to make timeless and functional pieces. Then it is up to you to make them look exclusive. Other great places to look for elements of nursery interior are H&M Home, Jollyroom and Konges Sløjd.

Where do you display your Birth Poster in your house?

My son’s Birth Poster is placed in this room. It is beautiful and gives multiple opportunities for raising questions and having conversations with him. He is three years old and often asks about how it was when he was a baby – especially after the birth of his baby sister. It must be almost impossible for a child to imagine that he has been that small (even though my kids where not small at birth). I will keep the poster in his room for a while, I think, but in time I want it to be hanging in our bedroom next to the poster of his sister.

What’s your favorite item in your entire house?

It would be impossible for me to choose an actual item. I would say that our kitchen must be my favorite. It is big, black and beautiful, and I just love how is plays a central role in the living room.

Could you guide us in your children’s room?

My son is one lucky child as he has both a playroom (filled with toys!) and a bedroom. This makes it  a bit easier for me to keep things tidy. In his bedroom he has a house bed which he loves. On the walls we put the grey confetti-decorated wallpaper from Ferm Living, which gives the room a cosy feel, and created this cave vibe. To exploit the room to its fullest, we decided to create storage furniture which can also be used as a table and a bench. It is easy to hide toys there, easy to find them again and the whole concept gives both room for creativity and relaxation. Furthermore, he has a small desk where he draws, colours and looks at his books. I decided to have only a few colours when designing his room. I was important for me to keep a boyish feeling without creating a baby blue zone. I chose grey, off-white, mint and warm yellow.

Do you let your children decide how their rooms should look?

No, not yet. My son is only three years old and his sister is seven months. Right now, I enjoy being the only one deciding on the interior. I am sure that my son will have his very own opinion when the time comes though.

Do you get a lot of feedback from other mums on your Instagram?

Definitely yes! Most of the comments are from mothers who do not know how to storage the toys and still manage to have a kids-friendly interior. My best advice is always to make sure that you have simple storage furniture. Avoid 2-3 different small cabinets, or furniture and decorative pieces placed on the floor. Use walls for storage, for example by installing simple, big cabinets or closed bookcases along the ceiling. Also  buy BIG baskets for toys, teddybears on other things children play with. Too much stuff on the floor will make the children’s room look messy. And do not be afraid of painting a wall, or two… or the entire room. The room needs some kind of contrast to all the colored toys, books and teddy bears, something that will catch your eye.


Do you want to get more interior-inspiration from mom-influencers like Tania? Stay tuned! This Wednesday we will publish another interview from the INSPIRATION series with a new batch of pictures.

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