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februari 6, 2019

Love is all around


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we decided to open up a bit and share the story of our love. After all, without us coupling up there would be no Birth Poster.

Evelina, how did you and Gustav first meet?
It was at a bar in the center of Stockholm in September 2011. Gustav was 28 and I was 24 years old.

Do you remember the first date after that?
We skipped the whole dating part and went straight to seeing each other every day. After three months we moved in together to Gustav’s apartment. The thing is, that we grew up in the same suburb of Stockholm, went to the same schools, and even had mutual friends. As a result, when we fell in love it felt like we had known each other for a lifetime. I guess knowing each other’s backgrounds is what made us skip the whole dating part.

When Gustav proposed, did it come as a surprise?
Before the engagement we’d spent a few summer holidays in Sicily. We would always go back to the same vineyard and old monastery. One time, we said something like: this it would be a perfect place to get married! And so, in 2014, we were taking a walk before dinner and went into an old chapel that’s connected to the hotel. Gustav had hidden the ring behind some curtains in there, and once we were inside he told me to look behind them. It was a big surprise and I did not expect it at all!

So you also decided to get married there?
Yes, it was clear to us from the very beginning. We really wanted to show this magical place to our friends and family.

Did you take care of the wedding preparations yourself or did you hire a wedding planner?
We had a translator who took care of all the paperwork. She also interpreted the ceremony, which was led by the mayor of the city. It was quite a small wedding, so hiring a wedding planner wasn’t necessary.

Gustav, how would you describe Evelina? You only get three words!
Spontaneous. Kind. Beautiful.

Evelina, how would you describe Gustav? You also only get three words.
Creative. Funny. Handsome.

How does it feel to run a business together?
Certainly — and I assume many would agree — if you are already best friends, then running a business together has a lot of advantages. We know each other so well that we literally finish each other’s sentences and in 99% of cases we have the same opinion. It’s very efficient, definitely!

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