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maj 16, 2019

Growing a business from home with kids

In most countries around the world Mother’s Day is celebrated in May, although on different days. This is why, at The Birth Poster we have decided to devote the whole month to the topic of motherhood – its different models, challenges, and beautiful sides.

Today in The Birth Post we are talking to Victoria Snellman, a mother of three who lives in Finland and  has her own knitting business.

Could you please introduce your family to us?

In order from oldest to youngest: Sonny Lou, who is six years old, Juno Mae, who is four, and Lilo Kay, who is two. And of course, my husband Robin.


Did you decide to stay at home already after you got your first kid?

When I got pregnant with Sonny Lou I worked as a store manager in a clothing store, here in Finland. When he was born with heart problems, after a very dramatic birth, I decided that I would stay home with him for as long as possible. My goal has been to be able to work from home, so that I’m always home when the kids come back from school.

How did you come up with the idea for your business and when did you start?

I learned to knit when I was four years old and I have always designed my own clothes. Later I studied art and design. I started Lykkeliten, my own company, in 2016, after I had already been designing and knitting patterns for my kids for several years.


Your patterns are amazing! Where do you take your ideas and inspirations from?

Thank you! I always find inspiration in my kids and I make clothes that are difficult to find in stores.


Is there any special way you organize your day to be able to work?

I decided to always have time for my kids and that my job should not take our family time away, so I work when my husband comes home from work and in the evenings or at night when everyone is sleeping. Of course my job takes time from family anyway and sometimes it feels hard to be home with my kids full time, while I work with my business full time, but every day I feel so lucky and blessed that I have this opportunity.

If you were to think about the most beautiful thing motherhood has given you, what would that be?

The most beautiful thing I have gotten from motherhood is probably the patience and calmness I have acquired since I became a mother.


And finally, if you had to choose your favorite design, which one would that be?

I have many favorites, but the design I am most proud of is the Leopard sweater that I made for me and the kids.

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