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februari 27, 2020

Women are powerhouses

For International Women’s Day, we have interviewed five amazing women, who we admire, to learn more about what their thoughts are about motherhood, empowerment and how we can strive for equality.

Delilah is a mother of two and shares her daily life through her Instagram account and youtube channel, @loeppkyslife. Here she talks about the true side of birth, afterbirth, and motherhood. She’s your best mama friend that’s always there with inspiration and tips!

What’s the best part about being a mom?
Watching your child develop and learn new skills, followed closely by baby snuggles. While I cherish the newborn stage and all the sleepy cuddles, there is nothing like the rush of pride and joy in seeing that babe grow and reach goal after goal after goal. As a parent, we pray for our children to grow up kind and loving and gracious. We spend hours upon hours teaching them new skills and manners and doing our best to demonstrate them ourselves. When the day comes that you finally see all your hard work has paid off, it is the biggest, happiest, purest feeling in the world.

How can the world be better at empowering women and strive for equality?
I think we all just need to take a step back and see women for who they really are and embrace all that they are capable of. Women are powerhouses. We sacrifice our very bodies to grow humans, suffer unexplainable pain to birth them into this world, and then go on to nourish our babes as we heal, despite the lack of sleep and rush of hormones. Seriously, if we are capable of that, we are capable of anything. I believe women need to continue to speak up, tell their stories, and be PROUD of what they have accomplished and what they are capable of. When the world hears our stories, eyes are opened and appreciation and respect are found.

What does your Birth Poster mean to you?
I’m a crazy sentimental person. I have thousands of photos and videos of my kids when they were brand new, but to have a poster where I can physically see and remember exactly how small and perfect they were, that is special. When my kids are grown and move out I’m going to be that mom who will still proudly have these posters hung in our home and I’ll tell them, “You used to be this small! Can you believe you used to be this small!?”

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