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mars 27, 2019

INSPIRATION WEEK with @bllhome

With spring just around the corner, are you in the mood for some redecorating and refurnishing? We sure are! That’s why we’ve teamed up with some mom-influencers to get all the inspiration we need to get started.

Today we talk to Velda, the mother of two girls. Velda is a Swede living in Austria and her apartment is the quintessence of the minimalistic Scandinavian style — white walls and furniture, a lot of natural wood. Same goes for her daughters’ room. Although the girls don’t always seem to like to keep it tidy, Velda shows that it is possible to introduce minimalism into the space usually considered the kingdom of garishness.

Hello Velda, how are you feeling today?

We have beautiful weather these days, the flu season is just behind us, so I’m feeling great and looking forward to spring 🙂

Where do you live?

We live in an apartment in Klagenfurt, Austria, but we also have a garden, where we like to spend our time. We moved away from Sweden a few years ago, but we still miss home.

What is your biggest inspiration when it comes to home interior?

Instagram is a great place, where you can look into other people’s homes and there are some really talented ladies out there.

What’s your favorite store to buy children’s room furnishings and decorations?

Babyshop.se is a great store to get anything to do with kids.

Where do you display your Birth Poster in your house?

The girls’ posters are just above the big bed in their room and, since they sleep in the same bed (it was their choice and they love it), that’s the perfect place. Now, they can see exactly how small they were and they keep comparing themselves to the illustrations in the posters. That’s really cute!

What’s your favorite item in your entire house?

I have a passion for wooden animals, and I just adore every single one of them. I have some in the living room and the girls have a few in their room. All of them are just pure, beautiful craftsmanship!

Could you guide us in your children’s room?

We’ve recently got a big bed for Bella, in which both girls fit, so they prefer to sleep together on the opposite sides of it. Lea still has her smaller bed, if she decides to move out 🙂

I’ve finally added some bookshelves and created a reading corner for them. All is easily accessible like everything else in the room. I want them to be able to use and to reach everything without climbing or asking for help.

You can also see a canopy, which is such a must-have in every room and in any great play corner. We also have a cabinet for storing blankets, toys and anything else that fits 🙂

Do you let your children decide on how their rooms should look?

I definitely ask them what they think about my new ideas and always explain if I’m moving things around, so that they know what’s coming. But they’re so used to the furniture being moved around and new ideas being implemented, that they’re super cool with it 🙂

With such a thought-through room design it feels like there is almost no work to be done while cleaning!

The girls are great at playing in their room and messing it up, but they’re not so good at picking they toys up 🙂 It really is a struggle to keep the room neat.

Do you want to get more interior-inspiration from mom-influencers like Velda? Stay tuned! This Sunday we will publish another interview from the INSPIRATION series with a new batch of pictures.

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