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maj 23, 2019

When becoming a mom is a long journey

Morgan contacted us and told us that she was moving to a new house after she had lost her home and all belongings in hurricane Florence. She was making her new place a home and wanted to have a meaningful keepsake for her son Fletcher, who was born after years of battling infertility and after a baby loss. Today, Morgan shares her infertility journey with other women who experience similar difficulties.

Could you tell us the story about how you became a mother?

Our son Fletcher Ray was born after several years of infertility and the loss of our first babe, Sage. He came after a crazy fast 25 minutes of involuntary pushing (google ‘fetal ejection reflex’, it’s insane) and he has without a doubt been the absolute brightest light in our family’s life. We call him ‘biscuit boy’ after his uncle said his legs look like a busted can of biscuits!


For how long had you been trying to get pregnant?

My husband and I started trying to conceive as soon as we got married, nearly six years ago now! We had an impossible time getting medical help because, not lying, MULTIPLE doctors said to my face: “you’re too young to have babies anyway, don’t worry about it”. It’s one thing to not be able to reproduce, but to be refused treatment because of your age even after the third year of trying made it feel like the entire world was against us. Sharing our story through Instagram and connecting with other families in our shoes was our saving grace! I’m still close with friends who have prayed with us for years!


When you got pregnant with Fletch, how did you feel after having lost one baby already?

This question always gets me so emotional, because before Fletch I thought I could never possibly heal from our loss. That was the very lowest of low for me. But then I got pregnant with our sweet boy and I slowly started to feel peace. It calmed my worrying heart, knowing that no matter what, he has a heavenly sibling that will be with him everywhere, forever. We have a Magnolia tree planted for Sage that Fletch and I visit often and we see little reminders of Sage EVERYWHERE. I swear they already know each other and it warms my heart now instead of breaking it.


Do you have anything you’d like to tell other mothers who are battling infertility?

Don’t go through it alone! Find your community. I promise you more women are struggling alongside you than you could even imagine and they know the crappy things NOT to say while you wait. If you have Instagram, search hashtags like: ttc, infertilitysucks, iui, ivf, etc. You’ll never find a more supportive community than those mamas waiting for their babes!


You have mentioned a terrible loss caused by hurricane Florence, what has helped you moved past that?

Our son. His tiny, beautiful self healed my entire heart after the brutal years of infertility and now that we’ve survived that, losing all of our worldly belongings seems so insignificant. We have a family. That’s all we ever wanted!

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